Bucharest Running Party 2018 // 321sport // Bucharest Marathon

Bucharest is calling all runners for a huge Running Party! During the Bucharest Marathon, the most important road race in Romania, we are celebrating together with international and local runners! As a local running community, we think that the marathon is the perfect moment to meet with old and new friends, discover the city and have a great time among people that speak the language of running.

321sport Running Culture (est. 2015) is a running crew based in Bucharest. Our motto is “leave no one behind”, so we always run together. We also love to party and everybody knows that we’re going to run with loud music and enjoy every step we take. Some people might think we’re crazy. For sure we are different and we’re proud of this.

That’s why we invite runners and spectators to join our special event called “Bucharest Running Party 2018 // 321sport // Bucharest Marathon”!

SHAKEOUT RUN + DRINKS. Saturday, October 13th.

Meeting point at 15:00 (3PM): Herastrau Park (Aviatorilor Metro Station). We run together 5K through the best area of the city center. We stop at The Urbanist, our fav place to have some good drinks. Spend quality time together, then we go to Sport Expo to pick up the racing kits. The Sport Expo is within walking distance from The Urbanist, so we’ll go there together.

RUN + PARTY + CHEER. Sunday, October 14th.

If you’re a supporter: we bring the music, you bring the energy! It’s going to be a crazy party! You can attend the 321sport Cheering Point following this schedule:

  • 09:30 – 10:30: National Library of Romania (Bd. Unirii / Bd. Mircea Voda) – GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  • 11:00 – 12:00: Izvor Bridge / Dambovita River (Splaiul Independetei / Bd. Schitu Magureanu) – GOOGLE MAPS LINK

If you’re a runner: most of us will run the Half Marathon with probably the lowest speed ever, dancing and enjoying every moment. If you’re in for a running party, join us anywhere on the race course! If you’re loving our vibe, stop for a selfie with the crew! 🙂

Let’s get the party started!

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